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Monday, March 06, 2006

TodayView v.20 for S60

TodayView v.20 for S60 Symbian Phones

TodayView shows calendar events, unread messages and missed calls in a list.

- show events for specified amount of days
- show To-Do items
- show count of unread messages in inbox
- show count of new missed calls
- show meeting location
- open application from selected entry (opens calendar in today view or default view if selected date is not today)
- go to inbox directly
- launch Calendar, To-Do, Logs or Messages
- adding, deleting or changing Calendar event or To-Do item is updated real-time in TodayView
- installation package has English, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Finnish versions
- list format compact or detailed
- show alarm icon
- show events based on confidentiality (public, private, non-synchronized)
- show events containing specific subject or location

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