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Friday, July 07, 2006

PCRemote v2.0 Symbian

pc remote application for nokia symbian

control your PC with PC-remote symbian application
In the ZIP file the server often commodity rules which on the PC start itself must, in the Settings.ini must before all the COM haven is correctly adjusted.
That shown picture shows a successful connection, this above is thus the log and no selection..

As one on the basis the menu to see knows is some programs already before-configures, the mouse "hops" unfortunately still rather firmly over the screen, but but the left (Joystick press) and right (rights "screen key") mouse button already function.

The commands are conveyed in each case to the PC, do not exist the program to not etc. no error are indicated, since so far the data are sent only to the PC.

Download PCremote v2.0

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