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Friday, December 15, 2006

UnlockMe Symbian Freeware

Symbian Toys UnlockMe Free

Compatible device
Nokia: 3230 / 6260 / 7610 / 6600 / 6620 / 6630 / 6670 / 6680 / 6681 / 6682 / n70 / n90
Panasonic: X700 / X800
Samsung: SGH-D720 / SGH-D730
Lenovo: P930

UnlockMe! is a software that will allow you to recover the "Unlock Code" actually configured in your mobile phone.
You have to install and run the software on the phone and after some minutes it will communicate you the "Unlock Code" actually configured in the Phone

This program it's usefull only in these circumstances
- You just bought a 2nd hand mobile but you don't know it's "Unlock Code".
- Or, you forgot the "Unlock Code" because you didn't use that option for a lot of time.

If you "find" a mobile phone that during startup asks you to insert the "Unlock Code" you will never be able to get the code using this program

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anu said...

Wow thanks for the "UnlockMe Symbian Freeware". I really like this. I am using the unlocking mobiles from solutions to unlock my mobile at a cheaper rate