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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

AniSimb 2.0

AniSimb its a freeware app written with Python for S60 by _virtual_machine_ to use animated operator logos.
If you want to make new animations in 2nd edition version:

  • Animations are stored in \system\apps\AniSimb\logo\anim_folder, where
    “anim_folder” stands for the name you want for the animated logo.
  • Create 97×25 pixels images with your animation, save every frame as PNG
    with sequential numbers (000.png, 001.png,…).
  • Every frame needs a “mask” with black (for transparent area) and white
    (for visible area) colors, save it as PNG and sequentially

Support Phones:
S60 2nd edition phones compatible.


AniSimb 2.0 for Symbian Series 60

You need to install Python for S60 (PyS60) before installing this app

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