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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yeigo v2 Instant Messaging For S60 3rd

Yeigo is an innovative application for your mobile phone which uses your phones internet connection, to offer you cut-price calls and SMS messages, and free instant messaging.

Integration with GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM and Jabber: from your mobile you can now chat to other Instant Messaging users for free.

Free SMS invitations: send free SMS invitations from your mobile to your friends who have not yet joined Yeigo. The more friends you have on Yeigo, the more free calls you can make. (At least 20 messages per user)

Compatible Phones
Nokia 5500 Sport Nokia 5700 Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia 6120 Classic Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6682 Nokia E50 Nokia E60 Nokia E61 Nokia E62 Nokia E65 Nokia E70 Nokia E90 Nokia N70 Nokia N71 Nokia N72 Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N76 Nokia N77 Nokia N80 Nokia N90 Nokia N91 Nokia N92 Nokia N93 Nokia N95

Yeigo for symbian v3

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Screenshot v2.70 beta S60v3 Unsigned

Screenshot for Symbian OS is an application to take screenshot on your Symbian OS mobile phones (UIQ or S60). You can capture screenshot and save it to a file in JPEG, PNG, BMP or MBM format.

The screenshot can be sent directly to a PC via Bluetooth or infrared and another mobile phone. Furthermore, you can customize the shortcut key, file name and delay of capturing. It supports continuous mode that allows you to capture screenshot every a few seconds.

Screenshot v2.70 beta S60v3 Unsigned