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Saturday, October 18, 2008

TASWYC v1.0 - Touch Any Screen With Your Camera

(Multi-)Touch screen is a very fancy interface. Some people don't have the chance to live its superb experience as it is expensive. So there should be a way to bring that joy to non-touch-screened devices. TASWYC is the way! The user moves object against camera then the app reflects movements to on-screen pointer.

TASWYC consists of two modules:

- TAS Key: A virtual touch keypad for writing instead of using the ordinary keypad.
- TAS Proof: A simple prototype of the famous graph game “Planarity” to test drag and drop.


General Requirements: Screen resolution 320x240, S60 devices, and J2ME with CLDC-1.1 MIDP-2.0
TAS proof:
Phone Model: tested on Nokia N73
Installation Memory:29 K
RAM:26.9 K
General Memory:1.9 M
TAS key & TkLauncher:
Phone Model: tested on Nokia N73
Installation Memory:86 K
RAM:26.9 K
General Memory:1.9 M

TASWYC v1.0 - Touch Any Screen With Your Camera


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